Be part of the second edition of the "Open Source Software Contributors Summit" -CCOSS by sending your conference or workshop proposal.

The CCOSS approach is not to promote the use of open source, but to guide on how and why to contribute to open source projects. If you have questions about your talk you can write to

  • Talk (25 minutes) - Talks focused on sharing experiences and recommendations to create or contribute to open source projects. Examples of issues to be addressed: how to do it economically sustainable, how to choose the right license, interaction with the community, general recommendations to contribute.

  • Contribution workshop (3 hours) - The objective of the workshops is to start the participants so that they can contribute to a specific project. It will show how to access the code and documentation repositories, the procedure for making changes, the revision procedure, and so on.

You can enter submissions until 2021-08-31 23:59 (America/Mexico_City), 3 weeks, 6 days from now.