Alberto C. Ríos

Software Engineer interested in building products people love in agile environments with a focus on high-quality tests.

At the moment, I am part of the Spring Engineering team at Pivotal working from Seville, Spain on a fully remote team.

We are building Spring Cloud related products and frameworks to help people adopt microservices architecture and improve the experience of Spring in Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes.

I am particularly interested in Reliability, Continuous Delivery, Testing and I contribute to several Java Open Source projects.

Recently, I have been speaking at different major software conferences, such as Devoxx Belgium, the largest software conference in Europe, DevNexus, the largest Java conference in America and SpringLive a 24h online conference with thousands of attendees.

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Kubernetes local development workflow distilled
Alberto C. Ríos

The Kubernetes hype train has reached full velocity and many organisations are now adopting the technology. There are a large number of available tools aimed at solving a broad set of problems but it can be daunting choosing which to invest in. This session aims to provide developers with a thorough grounding on Kubernetes concepts, suggest best practices and get hands-on with some of the essential tooling.