Nacho Cougil

Nacho is a software engineer from Barcelona, fan of TDD and XP practices that has been working with Java and other web technologies before the effect 2000. He had experience in different roles in the IT world ('guy-for-everything', developer, team leader, project manager and CTO) working in companies in many sectors (energy, e-commerce, startups -some unicorn- and technology consultancy) companies now working at Dynatrace.
Always concerned with questions like "how does it work?" and "how can we make it better?", Nacho loves to share his knowledge with others and at the same time learn from others. As a natural progression to this attitude, he founded the Barcelona Java Users Group ( ) and the Java and JVM Barcelona Conference ( ).
When he is not thinking in the next interesting thing to do for the community, he enjoys spending time with his family, playing sports or improving his TDD and eXtreme Programming skills.


Refactor your code: when, why and how?
Nacho Cougil

Have you always heard about refactor and it always sounded like a foreign language to you? Have you tried to change code several times but found it impossible to make such changes in several projects? Do you feel overwhelmed when working with legacy code?

Join this session to understand the benefits of refactoring your code and see some tips on how to do it safely!

We will start talking about what is legacy code, what we understand about refactoring and why it is so important nowadays, when in most cases we work with software that others have written. Later we will share when we should start thinking on refactoring code. Finally we will see in a live coding session some of the most important and useful refactoring techniques we could apply in our day-to-day job.

At the end of this session I hope you may have learn some new ideas on how to work with legacy code and how to apply certain techniques to make your day to day more enjoyable ;-)

Best Practices
Best Practices