Easy Java Integration testing with Testcontainers
2020-10-03, 14:20–15:00, Best Practices

Having problems creating a maintainable set of integration tests for your enterprise Java application? This talk will help you understand how to use Test containers to implement easy integration tests for your next project!

Simplifying Integration Tests for Enterprise Java

Integration testing is always a difficult area. You need to make sure that all system dependencies are prepared, data is correctly initialised for each run and test runs do not interfere with each other. Even with tools like the Arquillian Framework, writing integration tests can be a complicated task and the act of maintaining large sets of tests can become a nightmare if there's not enough knowledge of all dependencies involved.

With the Testcontainers project, convoluted and complicated integration tests can be a thing of the past. A test container allows you to create reliable integration tests covering a wide range of scenarios like using databases, microservices interactions and even GUI and user experience testing. One of the important factors for the success of this framework is the usage of Docker containers to create a reliable reproducible environment for each test, which separates the dependencies and the application code in a way that it is easy to maintain for developers.