Using Typescript at Scale: why types are conquering Silicon Valley
2020-12-05, 17:00–17:50, Stream 5

Typescript was announced 8 years ago, and the Front End industry changed for good.

It's not a buzzword anymore. Big companies are relying on it to trust blindly(ish) that their projects will evolve safely when they are backed by types.

All Silicon Valley is moving their projects into Typescript. Should you do the same?

Every time that someone talks about "Typescript", the discussion begins.

Javascript is the language of the Front End, and still is. But any project that tries to scale faces the pain of maintaining it and eventually, companies build their own tooling to keep moving ahead. And this expensive and hard.

Typescript is the option to focus all the efforts with a single vision: let's type Javascript. By killing one of the main features of Javascript, the Software engineering industry that scaling the Front End is not related to patching Javascript anymore.

This is the right moment to migrate to Typescript. Google, Discord, Airbnb, and other companies already joined the change.

Let's talk about the pains and the gains of Typescript, and the ways to join the club.