SRE Conf Mx

SRE Conf Mx needs your participation

SRE Conf Mx is the first full fledged conference in Mexico focused on Site Reliability Engineering. It is planned for the first half of June (shooting for June 7-8, 2023) in Mexico city.

SRE Conf Mx is currently at a "we would like to organize it" stage but is not yet confirmed. Confirmation depends in big part on the amount and quality of proposals that we receive. Mostly, we want to find out if local organizations (not vendors) are willing to share their stories. So, if you want SRE Conf Mx to happen and know an organization who has something to share, please point them to this CFP.

Other info for speakers:

  • Audience: We are planning this event for 200 people, mainly in DevOps and SRE roles in companies that have sites/apps with enough traffic/usage to benefit from SRE practices and tools.
  • Code of conduct: We do have a code of conduct, an enforce it. It is based on the JSConf Code of Conduct and you can read the version in spanish at
  • This is an "in-person first" event, meaning that speakers are expected to be able to present in person, but if for some reason a speaker cannot travel we can arrange for them to do their talk remotely.
  • We have a limited budget for covering traveling expenses for international speakers.

If you have any questions feel free to contact us at

You can enter proposals until 2023-01-13 17:16 (America/Mexico_City), 1 month, 2 weeks from now.