Data Days is an online conference focused on strategy, practices and tools for data science and predictive analytics at scale.

Data Days started as an onsite conference in 2016 in Mexico city, focused on data professionals from Mexico. It has been held every year since then, growing steadily and is now an online event. The content and speakers have a strong latin american flavor, but we welcome speakers and attendees from all over the world.

Our values:
1. Breaking the hype. We acknowledge buzz words and trends but do not get carried away by them. We emphasize on understanding the problem, and then choosing whatever solution fits best for the specific context.
2. Collaboration. Data science is a team sport. We bring together business people, scientists and engineers, acknowledging the value that each role brings and fostering collaboration.
3. Vendor neutrality. Though we have sponsors, we are not dominated by a single one, and believe all voices, commercial, open source, and hybrid, should be heard.