Alberto C. Ríos

Software Engineer interested in building products people love in agile environments with a focus on high-quality tests.

At the moment, I am part of the Spring Engineering team at Pivotal working from Seville, Spain on a fully remote team.

We are building Spring Cloud related products and frameworks to help people adopt microservices architecture and improve the experience of Spring in Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes.

I am particularly interested in Reliability, Continuous Delivery, Testing and I contribute to several Java Open Source projects.

Recently, I have been speaking at different major software conferences, such as Devoxx Belgium, the largest software conference in Europe, DevNexus, the largest Java conference in America and SpringLive a 24h online conference with thousands of attendees.

  • Kubernetes local development workflow distilled
Alejandro Cardenas

Mas de 15 años como desarrollador, enfocado en tecnologías de backend, actualmente trabaja en DigitalOnUs como Director de las practicas de Desarrollo (Backend, Frontend y Mobile). Su experiencia técnica esta enfocada al desarrollo de backends y en los últimos años ha trabajado en el diseño e implementación de micro servicios de aplicaciones desde cero hasta migrar monolíticas a este tipo de arquitecturas, además de promover la innovación dentro de su equipo de trabajo, pero en su tiempo libre le gusta pasea con sus 4 perros y disfruta la carne asada.

  • Spring Boot and Vault
Alex Aldazabal

Ingeniero de Software con más de 10 años de experiencia trabajando con tecnologías Microsoft. Peruano, viviendo actualmente en México. Hoy en día desarrolla usando Clojure. Durante su tiempo libre le gusta aprender nuevas tecnologías y contribuir con la documentación de Clojure.

  • Construyendo un API en Clojure con Pedestal
Alina Yurenko

Alina is a Developer Advocate for GraalVM at Oracle Labs, a research & development organization at Oracle.

  • Fast and Efficient Java Microservices with GraalVM
Andres Almiray

Andres is a Java/Groovy developer and a Java Champion with more than 20 years of experience in software design and development. He has been involved in web and desktop application development since the early days of Java. Andres is a true believer in open source and has participated in popular projects like Groovy, Griffon, and DbUnit, as well as starting his own projects (Json-lib, EZMorph, GraphicsBuilder, JideBuilder). Founding member of the Griffon framework and Hackergarten community event.

  • Apache Groovy's Metaprogramming Options and You
Billy Korando

Billy is a developer advocate with IBM and has over a decade of experience. Billy is passionate about helping developers find ways to reduce mental capacity waste from tedious work; such as project initiation, deployment, testing and validation, and so on through automation and good management practices. Outside of work Billy enjoys traveling, playing kickball, and cheering on the Kansas City Chiefs. Billy also co-organizes the Kansas City Java users group.

  • Tekton for Java Developers
Burk Hufnagel

Burk is a long-time programmer and software architect, with experience in multiple languages including Java and JavaScript. He’s a Java Champion who had presented at multiple conferences including ConnectTech, DevNexus, and JavaOne, and contributed to three of the “97 Things” books published by O’Reilly.
Burk works as a Solution Architect for Daugherty Business Solutions where he’s focused on finding ways to deliver better code in less time, and teaching others how to do the same thing.

  • Want to succeed with Test-Driven Development? Stop writing tests!
Carlos Camacho

Más de 11 años de experiencia en desarrollo de software bajo la plataforma Java, implementación de proyectos de código libre y desarrollo e integración de proyectos embedidos. Graduado de Ingeniería Telemática, Master en Tecnología Educativa. Profesor de las carreras de Ingeniería de Sistemas y Computación e Ingeniería Telemática de la PUCMM. Actualmente es el Director de la escuela de Ingeniería en Computación y Telecomunicaciones Campus Santiago PUCMM. Miembro de la Fundación Código Libre y Cofundador de Java User Group, Java Dominicano.

  • Grails 4 en Acción
Christian Vermorken

Ingeniero de software y entrenador con 10 años de experiencia en Holanda, los Estados Unidos y México.
Llevo 4 años trabajando con Axon, DDD, CQRS y ES, de los cuales los últimos 2 años y medio trabajando con AxonIQ, la empresa detrás el Axon Framework y los productos comerciales, principalmente como consultor y entrenador.

  • Microservicios dirigidos por eventos con Axon
Denys Makogon

Software enthusiast, a fan of designing and developing platform and software as a service application for various cloud infrastructures. He’s a principal software developer, developer advocate at Oracle, concentrating on product development along with bringing well-designed and production-ready integration with cloud solutions, a contributor to various open-source projects, cloud-related technologies along with having fun with IoT devices and photography.

Blogger, photographer, traveler. Denis is a regular attendee and speaker at OpenStack summits (Atlanta, Austin, Paris, Barcelona, Boston) and PyCons (Hong Kong, Singapore, Italy), PyLondinium, Decompile.De. Co-author of OpenStack Application development, OpenStack Trove Essentials.

  • The technology behind "The Best Country for observing the Northern Lights”
Eddú Meléndez

Eddú Meléndez es desarrollador Java, de Perú. contribuye en el ecosistema de Spring y otros proyectos Open Source desde el 2015. Durante su tiempo libre, le gusta investigar sobre las nuevas tendencias y contribuir a proyectos Open Source.

  • Construyendo un API en Clojure con Pedestal
Enrique Zamudio

I've been developing software for 25 years, working with Java since 2000. Became a Java Champion in 2015. I specialize in backend systems, lately been doing distributed systems with right-sized services in Spring Boot and Micronaut. Was part of the Ceylon core team 2012-2016

  • Stay away from the Happy Path
Fabio Turizo

About Me

Software Engineer offering over 9 years in the IT industry with a focus on software architecture and development. Oracle Certified Professional and Specialist in Java SE and EE platforms. Currently working as part of the service team of Payara Services Limited and also part of the Toptal network of freelancers as well.

Explain to a 5-year-old your job role:

Well: "I help my customers when their computers don't do what they want, so I usually talk a lot with them to understand why their computers are not behaving well. Usually, when I can't get their computers to do what my customers want, I yell high and loud so my team-mates from around the world can help me to help them!"

What hobbies do you enjoy outside work?

Well, primary catching up movies and TV series that I like to watch (Netflix helps a lot with that), playing PC or console video games, travelling to places or countries I don't know, going to the gym to stay healthy, enjoying a good meal and drinks in a good restaurant or bar, listening to rock music. I like to enjoy the little things~

Which would you prefer to fight: A horse sized duck or 100 duck sized horses?

From a video game perspective, definitely, the 100 duck sized horses. The huge duck would fly a lot and make the fight a lot harder (flying enemies in video games are annoying as hell). Besides if you could tame some of the little horses you could run a small show and reap profits.

Coffee or Tea?

No amount of tea can replace a properly brewed cup of coffee. If it's Colombian, much better.
PC or Console?

Oh, the eternal debate. I play games on both sides from time to time, but console games are sometimes more comfortable to play.

If Java wasn't around, what platform would you work with?

Python! Really like the way the language is, its libraries and the ecosystem built around it. The 2.X/3.X fragmentation is a bit of nonsense but manageable. If Python wasn't around then I'd use Go (not much market but the platform is fun)

What is your favourite movie?

That is a hard one. I have a favourite movie per year. 2018 was Into the Spider-Verse, 2017 was Logan, 2016 was Arrival, 2015 was The Martian, 2014 was Interstellar, etc. No favourite movie this year still. (You might notice a pattern of science fiction there, too)

Is Rush one of the greatest rock bands to ever to grace this world?

Yes, yes they are. Exhibit A:

  • Easy Java Integration testing with Testcontainers
Heather VanCura

Heather VanCura, Group Director, Oracle
Heather VanCura in the director and chairperson of the Java Community Process (JCP) program. In her role she is responsible for leadership of the community. In this role she also serves as an international speaker, mentor, and leader or hack days. VanCura oversees the work of the JCP executive committee, the web site, JSR management, community building, events, communications, and growth of the membership. She is also a contributor and leader of the community-driven user group adoption programs. She is the spec lead for JSRs as part of the ongoing JCP.Next effort to evolve the JCP itself. Heather is based at HQ, is passionate about Java, developer communities, and enjoys trying new sports and fitness activities in her free time.

  • Java Community Participation and Collaboration in 2020
Hendrik Ebbers

Hendrik Ebbers is a co-founder of Karakun AG and lives in Dortmund, Germany. He is the founder and leader of the Java User Group Dortmund and gives talks and presentations in user groups and conferences. His JavaFX book “Mastering JavaFX 8 Controls” was released in 2014 by Oracle press. Hendrik is a JavaOne Rockstar, JSR expert group member and Java Champion. Hendrik is a member of the AdoptOpenJDK TSC.

  • AdoptOpenJDK - Making Java free again
Hugo Guerrero

Hugo Guerrero se desempeña como developer advocate de APIs y de tecnologías de integración en Red Hat. En esta posición, apoya al equipo de marketing con supervisión y soporte técnico para crear, editar y, curar el contenido de producto que se comparte con clientes y comunidad mediante webinars, conferencias y otras actividades. Tiene más de 20 años de experiencia en el desarrollo de software como desarrollador, consultor, arquitecto y gerente de fábrica de software. La mayor parte del tiempo, ha estado enfocado en software de código abierto con importantes clientes tanto en el sector privado como en el público federal en Latinoamérica.

  • Camel K is Serverless
Isaac Ruiz Guerra

Isaac is a graduate of the Technological Institute of the Isthmus in Oaxaca, México.

He began to use Java in its 1.2 version (2000) when doing his professional practices in the artificial intelligence laboratory of the Center for Research in Computing (CIC), of the National Polytechnic Institute in Mexico.
He is a software consultant since 2003, is specialized in applications Integration and has participated in projects related mainly to the financial sector.

For more than 10 years he has worked with different application servers for the java world and now he is trying to adapt this knowledge to the new deployment architectures.

Isaac is a promoter of the java language and has participated in different communities such as javaHispano and javaMéxico.
As part of the staff of the javaMexico community, Isaac promotes the use of Java and Java-related technologies by writing on his blog and as a speaker at JUG events.

Isaac has published several articles about the java ecosystem on different websites, including OTN and is frequent Speaker at LAOUC/ORAMEX events.

  • Helidon. Una opción dual para desarrollar microservicios en la nube.
Iván López

Iván es desarrollador JVM con más de 15 años de experiencia. Actualmente es committer de Micronaut en Object Computing, Inc. (OCI). Descubrió Grails hace 9 años y desde entonces desarrolla casi exclusivamente utilizando Java y Groovy.
También es el coordinador del Grupo de Usuarios de Groovy de Madrid (@MadridGUG), ex-organizador de la conferencia Greach y un speaker frecuente en conferencias como Devoxx, Codemotion, ConFoo, GeeCon, RigaDevDays, JavaCro, SpringOne 2GX, Spring IO,…

  • Micronaut + GraalVM = <3
Jimmy Morales

Lead Android Engineer en XumaK. Coorganizador de GDG Guatemala. Le encanta compartir con la comunidad tecnológica local. Amante de Kotlin.

  • Java & Kotlin: Interoperabilidad al 100
Jonathan Vila

Leader of the Barcelona Java Users Group and founder of the conference JBCNConf in Barcelona.
Working at Red Hat as Senior Software Engineer on the Middleware area, but I have worked as a (paid) developer since the first release of The Secret of Monkey Island, about 30 years ago. PMP certified by the PMI in Project Management.
Speaker at BarcelonaJUG, MadridJUG, OracleCodeOne, DevNexus and DevConf.US.
Very interested in simulated reality, psychology and Java along with management technologies.

  • Migrate Spring Boot app to Quarkus. Stage unlocked
Jorge Cajas

Jorge Cajas es uno de los líderes de la comunidad Java en Guatemala (Guate-JUG) con quien fué acreedor al premio de Duke's Choice Award en 2016.

Cuenta con +7 años de experiencia desarrollando aplicaciones Java en ambientes bancarios y empresariales y ha participado como speaker en conferencias en Guatemala, Mexico, Perú y Estados Unidos.

  • Fallando con estilo: MicroProfile Fault Tolerance & Metrics
Marco Schulz

Marco Schulz (@ElmarDott) studied at HS Merseburg, Germany, computer science and holds an engineers degree in software engineering. The main topics in his field of work are Software Architectures, automatism of the software development process and Software Configuration Management. Since more than 15 years he work in different large Web Application Projects all over the world. Currently he is an independent Consultant, Trainer and publish plenty articles in several computer magazines. Blog: E-Mail:

  • Continuous Stupidities - did DevOps fail?
Mary Grygleski

Mary is a Senior Developer Advocate at IBM, specializing in Reactive Java, Open Source, Cloud, and Distributed Systems. She started working as a software engineer with C and Unix, then got into Java, Open Source, and web development in the new Millennium, and now she has ventured into Reactive, Mobile, and the DevOps space. In her previous incarnations, she worked for several technology product companies in the Route 128 Boston Technology Corridor as well the San Francisco Bay Area. She now resides in the Greater Chicago area, and is the President and Executive Board Member of the Chicago Java Users Group (CJUG). She is also an active co-organizers for the Data, Cloud and AI In Chicago, Chicago Cloud, and IBM Cloud Chicago meetup groups. Mary continues to be amazed by how software innovations can dramatically transform our lives. Despite the many challenges in an ever-evolving technical world, she gets energized by the constant change and believes that she has uncovered the pathway to staying young. She can’t wait to see what the next tech wave will be like.

  • Thirst-Quenching Streams for the Reactive Mind
Melissa McKay

Melissa is a long time developer turned international speaker and is currently a Developer Advocate for JFrog, Inc. Her background and experience as a software engineer spans a slew of technologies and tools used in the development and operation of enterprise products and services. She is a mom, software engineer, Java geek, huge fan of UNconferences, and is always on the lookout for ways to grow and learn. She has spoken at CodeOne, Java Dev Day Mexico, the Great International Developer Summit, and is part of the JCrete and JAlba UNconference teams.

  • DevOps that Matters: Demystifying CI/CD and Build Pipelines
Mercedes Wyss

Soy ingeniera de software con más de ocho años de experiencia en desarrollo backend, frontend y android utilizando Python, Java y Kotlin. Actualmente soy CTO en Produactivity, una startup con base en Guatemala. He sido reconocida como desarrolladora destacada a nivel internacional por los programas Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassador y Auth0 Ambassador. También cuento con un Duke's Choice Award en extensión educativa, premió que obtuve tras organizar y participar en el Java Day Tour (Duke's Adventures) en 2016 con la comunidad GuateJUG.

Estoy enfocada en incrementar la participación de las mujeres en STEAM, lo cual realizo liderando un capítulo JDuchess en Guatemala, con el cual organizo la conferencia STEAM Women Day y soy líder de colectivo en tecnologías Google llamada Devs+502. También soy miembro de las comunidades Mozilla Hispano y Guatemala, también soy co-líder de PyLadies Guatemala City y co-líder de Women in Data Guatemala City. En el pasado estuve organizando meetings en GuateJUG (Grupo de Usuarios Java de Guatemala) desde el 2012 al 2016.

  • Introducción a la Computación Cuántica
Mohamed Taman

Owner/CEO @SiriusX Innovations d.o.o, a Java Champion, An Oracle Groundbreaker Ambassador, a JCP member, 3 JSRs EG, EGJUG leader. An International speaker, books & videos author of “JavaFX essentials”, “Getting Started with Clean Code, Java SE 9”, “Hands-On Java 10 Programming with JShell”, and a new book “Secrets of the Java Champion”, writes for IBM Developer, Oracle and InfoQ, Won Duke’s choice 2015, 2014 & 2013 awards, and JCP outstanding adopt-a-jar participant 2013 awards.

  • Effective Java SE 9 to 15 APIs/Lang features, makes your life easier
Nacho Cougil

Nacho is a software engineer from Barcelona, fan of TDD and XP practices that has been working with Java and other web technologies before the effect 2000. He had experience in different roles in the IT world ('guy-for-everything', developer, team leader, project manager and CTO) working in companies in many sectors (energy, e-commerce, startups -some unicorn- and technology consultancy) companies now working at Dynatrace.
Always concerned with questions like "how does it work?" and "how can we make it better?", Nacho loves to share his knowledge with others and at the same time learn from others. As a natural progression to this attitude, he founded the Barcelona Java Users Group ( ) and the Java and JVM Barcelona Conference ( ).
When he is not thinking in the next interesting thing to do for the community, he enjoys spending time with his family, playing sports or improving his TDD and eXtreme Programming skills.

  • Refactor your code: when, why and how?
Otavio Santana

Empowering developers worldwide to deliver better software faster, scalable in the Cloud. Otavio is a passionate software engineer focused on Cloud and Java technology. He has experience mainly in persistence polyglot and high-performance applications in finances, social media, and e-commerce.
Otavio is a member of both Expert Groups and Expert Leader in several JSRs and JCP executive committee. He is working on several Apache and Eclipse Foundation projects such as Apache Tamaya, MicroProfile, Jakarta EE, where he is leading the first specification at Jakarta EE with Jakarta NoSQL. A JUG leader and global speaker at JavaOne and Devoxx conferences. Otavio has received recognition for his OSS contributions such as the JCP Outstanding Award, Member of the year and innovative JSR, Duke’s Choice Award, and Java Champion Award, to name a few.

  • NoSQL design pitfalls with Java
Reza Rahman

Reza Rahman is Principal Program Manager for Java on Azure at Microsoft. He works to make sure Java developers are first class citizens at Microsoft and Microsoft is a first class citizen of the Java ecosystem.

Reza has been an official Java technologist at Oracle. He is the author of the popular book EJB 3 in Action. Reza has long been a frequent speaker at Java User Groups and conferences worldwide including JavaOne and Devoxx. He has been the lead for the Java EE track at JavaOne as well as a JavaOne Rock Star Speaker award recipient. He was the program chair for the inaugural JakartaOne conference. Reza is an avid contributor to industry journals like JavaLobby/DZone and TheServerSide. He has been a member of the Java EE, EJB and JMS expert groups over the years. Reza implemented the EJB container for the Resin open source Java EE application server. He helps lead the Philadelphia Java User Group. Reza is a founding member of the Jakarta EE Ambassadors.

Reza has over a decade of experience with technology leadership, enterprise architecture and consulting. He has been working with Java EE technology since its inception, developing on almost every major application platform ranging from Tomcat to JBoss, GlassFish, WebSphere and WebLogic. Reza has developed enterprise systems for well-known companies like eBay, Motorola, Comcast, Nokia, Prudential, Guardian Life, USAA, Independence Blue Cross, Anthem, CapitalOne and AAA using Java EE and Spring.

  • Jakarta EE - Present and Future
Roberto Perez Alcolea

Roberto is a Senior Software Engineer with focus in JVM build, continuous integration, continuous delivery, microservices and developer productivity. He has several years of experience using technologies for the JVM. He's an active maintainer of Netflix Nebula Plugins ( and occasionally contributor to Gradle build tool.

Currently works at Netflix as part of the Build Team in Engineering Tools and Services team focused in Developer Productivity.

The Build team acts as a centralized team to provide Netflix engineers with reliable and well maintained tooling to manage their builds. The team supports the systems and infrastructure to manage thousands of builds per day from thousands of repositories and hundreds of software engineers.

  • Dependency Management at Scale
Sebastian Daschner

Sebastian Daschner is a Java Developer Advocate at IBM, a consultant, author, and trainer. He is the author of the book ‘Architecting Modern Java EE Applications’. Sebastian is participating in open source standardization processes such as the JCP or the Eclipse Foundation, helping forming the future standards of Enterprise Java, and collaborating on various open source projects. For his contributions in the Java community and ecosystem he was recognized as a Java Champion, Oracle Developer Champion, and JavaOne Rockstar. Besides Java, Sebastian is a heavy user of cloud native technologies and anything related to enterprise software. He evangelizes computer science practices on, his newsletter, and on Twitter via @DaschnerS. Sebastian kickstarted the JOnsen and jSpirit unconferences that connect Java developers throughout the globe. When not working with technology, he also loves coffee and to travel the world.

  • Crear tests que permiten flow
Sebastien Deleuze
  • The Path Towards Spring Boot Native Applications
Sergio Martínez

Desarrollador Java desde 2002, con un enfoque en desarrollo seguro y en afinar y encontrar problemas y cuellos de botella en sistemas de computo.
Participante de la comunidad de desarrolladores JVM_MX

  • identificando problemas en tu aplicación